Thursday, October 1, 2015

Calvin Symposium

I'm looking forward to my first Calvin Symposium on Worship, January 28-30.  You can see what I'm doing below; visit for more information. If you have any suggestions of songs for my Friday workshop, please see my last post and leave a comment.

10:15-3:30, Retreat: A New Song, A Skillful Song Sandra McCracken and Adam Tice, moderated by Greg Scheer
Those of us who feel Psalm 33's call to write new songs must remember that the Psalm also tells us to play skillfully. In this seminar we will focus on the skills of songwriting for congregations, digging into what it means to balance inspiration and perspiration. Join critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter Sandra McCracken and widely-published hymn writer Adam Tice as they speak with Greg Scheer about their approaches to creating new texts, new tunes, and the combining of texts and tunes. The afternoon will be spent discussing participants' song submissions. Attendees of all levels and musical styles will benefit from this seminar.

4:15, Vespers (one of several options; repeated on Friday)
A Service of Scripture and Song
Michael Burkhardt, the Choral Scholars, and Zebulon Highben, featuring texts by Adam Tice

Friday and Saturday
1:15, workshop B23: Sing the Peaceful Kingdom
Adam Tice
Sing and explore new congregational song resources based on passages from Isaiah. Song leaders and worship planners will sample from a wide variety of styles and resources representing the best in recent contemporary song, hymnody, and world music. The presenter will also present and discuss a few of his own pieces, offering insight into one writer's engagement with Isaiah's poetry and prose.

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