Thursday, September 3, 2015

Congregational songs on/from Isaiah

In January I will be doing a workshop at the Calvin Symposium on Christian Worship on newer congregational song drawn from Isaiah. I'd like to crowd-source material to present. Please leave suggestions in the comments below. I would especially welcome international selections, and songs in a stylistically contemporary idiom.  Extra points for pieces that are NOT Advent related (although those are welcome as well.)
I'll update this list as ideas come in.  Here are a few I already have in mind:
We Wait the Peaceful Kingdom (Kathleen Moore) Isaiah 11:6-9
Heaven Opened to Isaiah (Rawandan, paraphrased and arr. Greg Scheer) Isaiah 6:1-3
Upon God's Holy Mountainside (Tice/Morris)
The People Who Walked in Darkness (Mary Louise Bringle/Sally Ann Morris) Isaiah 9
Dream On, Dream On (Hae Jong Kim/Sunkyung Lee) Isaiah 11, Isaiah 40
Speak a Word to Us, Isaiah (John Thornburg)
From Darkness I Will Lead Them (Joanne Reynolds)