Wednesday, July 29, 2015

God, Give Me Faith Like a Child

I wrote "God, Give Me Faith Like a Child" in 2012, shortly after moving back to Indiana. I was impressed by my then-toddler's ability to adapt to our new life, even as I struggled to figure out what to do with myself. Sally Morris provided me with the plaintive tune just a few days later.
This might be the simplest track on Walk in Peace; it is certainly one of my favorites. The vocalist is the amazing Patrick Ressler--please see more of Patrick's work here: -- and the guitarist is Matthias Stegmann, who also engineered most of the album. Rather than recording the guitar and vocalist separately (as would normally be the approach), we recorded them simultaneously. Giving the musicians some room for give-and-take makes for a beautiful track.
The text and tune can be found in Stars Like Grace, in the Walk in Peace collection, or as an octavo (with another piece from the CD, "When You Wonder, When You Wander."

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